The Perfect Year End Holiday – Dolphins in December

If you’re already daydreaming about what you’ll be getting up to for your end of year holiday plans, make sure that dolphin watching in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is at the top of your list. The best time to see dolphins here is in November and December, although technically the season goes on up to March. Kalpitiya is without a doubt the best place to view dolphins in Sri Lanka – you can witness hundreds of massive pods of dolphins all at once in their natural habitat here.


Kalpitiya is situated approximately 170 km north from Colombo (roughly a three hour drive), and is a picturesque peninsula that juts out from the side of the island. Puttalam lagoon is situated between Kalpitiya peninsula and the mainland, which is perfect for water sport activities such as kitesurfing. The highlight of Kalpitiya during November to March are the dolphins though – during this time, the monsoon season is over and winds are not strong, which makes for great boat rides on calm water, where it is easy to spot dolphins at greater distances.


The best way to see dolphins in Kalpitiya is by booking through a hotel – Dolphin Beach Resort is able to do this for you, with fully licensed boats, experienced tour guides and excellent safety equipment, ensuring that you will be well looked after. Each boat can hold a maximum of 6 people each, so it is great if you can go in a group for reasonable rates. The boat rides are usually early morning and last over 3 hours, and are quite a remarkable experience as you can view several mini-islands with lush forests on the way.


The most common dolphin that you will see is the Spinner dolphin – these creatures are absolutely delightful with slender, long snouts and famous acrobatics where they spin through the air as they jump. Watching their routine of spins and somersaults is a truly remarkable experience, especially when they jump up in a large group. Since Spinners are social, you can see pods of several hundred dolphins at a time if you’re lucky. Also look out for other dolphins such as Bottlenose, Risso’s, and Indo-Pacific Humpback on your dolphin watching excursion in Kalpitiya. Don’t forget plenty of sunscreen and a tablet for motion sickness if you’re prone to seasickness, as well as your camera to capture your remarkable adventure!


Be sure to mark dolphin watching in Kalpitiya in December on your calendar. Dolphin Beach Resort on Alankuda Beach is an excellent place to stay for those interested in dolphin watching in Sri Lanka.

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